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Paris Café Culture

Paris Café Culture

A not-so wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around for a while, you could miss it.” Nowhere is that advice more needed than here in America. Nowhere is that advice more honored than in Paris. Originally posted on

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24 Hours Of Food And Wine In Montepulciano

24 Hours Of Food And Wine In Montepulciano

Talking about Montepulciano can be a bit confusing. Are we talking about the town, or the grape? Aren’t they the same? No. Montepulciano, the town, is a glorious Renaissance hill town in Tuscany where they have beautiful views, good food, and make a lot of wine...

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If you can’t be with the wine you love, honey, love the wine you’re with.

Maybe it’s a Stephen Stills thing. You know the song, right? “If you can’t be with the wine you love honey, love the wine you’re the wine you’re with.” That is how that song goes, isn’t it? Well, it should. Keep that song in the front of your mind as you...

48 Hours in the Willamette Valley

Since the first grape vines were planted in 1965, the Willamette Valley has become one of the most influential wine-producing regions in America, not just in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. It has developed the power of Pinot Noir production and, with its New World...

A Rosé by any other name

If you drink wine in public, and let’s be serious, everyone should, then you have probably seen the increase in wine glasses being filled with a questionable light pinkish liquid lately. Wait! That’s not red wine. Wait! That’s not white wine. What is it? Must be white...

Travel Blog – Travel is Work

Travel can sometimes feel like work. Vacation isn’t work, but travel sometimes can be. And it can be stressful and straining. Vacations are about relaxing and sitting, playing golf or tennis or maybe swimming in the ocean or sunning yourself on the beach. Travel...

Thanksgiving Appetizers and Wine Pairings

[jumbotron heading="Appetizers are the secret to any well-organized meal, and Thanksgiving is no different."]Naturally, we tend to focus on the size of the turkey, the mashing of the potatoes and the mixing of the canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup and those...

Travel Blog – Oktoberfest and Munich

The day started out like so many others in my past. I woke to the sound of the phone alarm clock sounding at 7am (still 11pm at home and in the heart of your hero, having been in country only a day or so now) and had to resist the urge to throw the damn thing against...

My new theory on the popularity of pro football

I have a new theory about professional football. I think the popularity of NFL football is now being completely supported by the gambling trends of weekly and yearly Fantasy Football leagues. It's a new theory, and I'm just developing it now, but it feel right....

Airport executive clubs are the worst

I guess I just don't get it. Why is access to airport executive clubs so coveted, everyone think they are so great, and rush to them the second they arrive at the airport? You see them sneaking in with their black carry-on bags and laptop messengers, flashing their...

The Latest – Just Keep Moving

Stories, logs, and blogs on moving on from a life of work and routine.

Not that there is anything wrong with that

I have many gay friends. I always have. Gay friends are cool...because they are your friends, right? I guess I'm lucky. I was raised, by and large, to be non-judgmental. My parents didn't really bring up the whole race, creed, sex thing. I have never even thought...

The Latest – Food & Wine

How to throw a sensory wine tasting

How to throw a sensory wine tasting

The whole idea behind a sensory wine tasting is to explore sights, aromas, and flavors of wine beyond just the simple look, smell and sip of casual wine drinking. In sensory tastings, the goal is to actually compare and contrast what you experience in the wine with...

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The Basics Of Smelling Wine

The Basics Of Smelling Wine

Do you have cats? Have you ever smelled raw clay kitty litter? How about putting your face right down into a somewhat used litter box filled with clay kitty litter? Do it. Then take a big, deep whiff and register what you smell. Chances are, you smell clay, dust, cat...

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