What is the Witness Wine

The Witness Wine is an old wine-tasting trick taught by an old French winery owner. It’s the first glass poured from a new bottle, set aside. First poured, last sipped. The Witness Wine sits and watches the world go by, waiting for the chance to be enjoyed. Once the bottle is gone, you may taste the witness wine and note the changes the wine has experienced while “resting” in the glass, exposed to oxygen. It is a testament to how wine develops over time, a dedication to wine knowledge and education, and the importance of patience, wisdom, and love of great wine. Want the full story? Read about it here…

Personal And Professional Wine Consulting

We offer personal wine consulting services, including cellar management, purchasing, private tastings and parties, trip planning and more. We also offer marketing, creative consultation, operations, and club management services to wineries and other specialty beverage businesses large and small.

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Stories, Pictures, Knowledge, And Experiences

We have been writing about wine, wine country, travel, and food for years, having been published in several leading publications. Follow along as we talk wine, review some, tell a few stories, and live the wine country life.

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Witness Wine Blog


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Grand Cru Wine Drinking Day In Burgundy

There are 32 Grand Cru vineyards throughout Burgundy. In one hot day day, during the summer of 2015, we sampled wines from nearly half of them. The day started like every day really should; with a croissant and coffee at La Villa Fleurie, our quaint little bed and...
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Italian Wine Geographic

A Brief History Of Italian Wine Any culture that once worshiped a God of Wine and Intoxication must know a little something about wine. Italy might not produce as much wine as Spain or consume as much wine per capita as the French (although it’s still close on both),...
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If you can’t be with the wine you love, honey, love the wine you’re with.

Maybe it’s a Stephen Stills thing. You know the song, right? “If you can’t be with the wine you love honey, love the wine you’re with...love the wine you’re with.” That is how that song goes, isn’t it? Well, it should. Keep that song in the front of your mind as you...
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The Best Food and Wine – French Wine Country Lunch

A few years ago, I turned a corner and started planning my meals around what food would go with whatever wine I wanted to drink. It was weird and kind of an interesting change. Most people operate the other way. I’d guess most every restaurant does it the other way,...
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48 Hours in the Willamette Valley

Since the first grape vines were planted in 1965, the Willamette Valley has become one of the most influential wine-producing regions in America, not just in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. It has developed the power of Pinot Noir production and, with its New World...
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24 Hours Of Food And Wine In Montepulciano

Talking about Montepulciano can be a bit confusing. Are we talking about the town, or the grape? Aren’t they the same? No. Montepulciano, the town, is a glorious Renaissance hill town in Tuscany where they have beautiful views, good food, and make a lot of wine...
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