I have a new theory about professional football. I think the popularity of NFL football is now being completely supported by the gambling trends of weekly and yearly Fantasy Football leagues. It’s a new theory, and I’m just developing it now, but it feel right. Disagree? Ask yourself a couple questions:

How long has it been since you watched a football game purely for the love of watching a football game?

Then, how long has it been since you watched a football game that was actually good and entertaining?

Full disclosure – I don’t watch football anymore. I think it’s a weird cult that prays on society, stealing it’s intelligence, youth, and money. That said, football is still ubiquitous, making it impossible to go through life in America without being surrounded by the constant media crush. I mean, shit, it’s a sport that actually owns an entire day of the week. The funny thing, though, is it’s been a long time since I have heard or read anything about pro football that had anything to do with the quality of an actual game. It’s all about fantasy stats and winning millions in fantasy leagues (and Bud Light and erectile disfunction). In fact, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence and commentary out there about how bad the games actually are.

My theory is that NFL games are actually not good anymore, but it is being propped up by gambling. Without the gambling thrill of fantasy sports, I think people would realize NFL games actually suck now.

So, be honest. Is it the football you like? Or is it the gambling? Doesn’t matter to me. It’s a theory. I just want honesty. I think it’s the gambling.

Please note – ESPN owns quite a stake in Draft Kings (the largest, legally sketchy, online gambling – uh, fantasy football – site). Funny. The company that owns the New England Patriots owns a stake,too..  So, think about it. What are they actually promoting? The football, or the fantasy?