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Airport executive clubs are the worst

Airport executive clubs are the worst

I guess I just don't get it. Why is access to airport executive clubs so coveted, everyone think they are so great, and rush to them the second they arrive at the airport? You see them sneaking in with their black carry-on bags and laptop messengers, flashing their...

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If you can’t be with the wine you love, honey, love the wine you’re with.

Maybe it’s a Stephen Stills thing. You know the song, right? “If you can’t be with the wine you love honey, love the wine you’re the wine you’re with.” That is how that song goes, isn’t it? Well, it should. Keep that song in the front of your mind as you...

The Theory Of The Witness Wine

When my mother told me I would have to use math when I grew up, this is exactly what I was hoping she meant. Originally posted on The Math A normal wine bottle contains 750ml of wine, or a little over 25 ounces. Our extraordinary math skills tell us...

No substitutions, please.

Hi.  Yes, I’m ready to order.  I’d like your double-cut pork chop with apple sauce, but instead of the braised cabbage, I’d like steamed broccoli.  And, rather than the shredded potatoes, may I have a house salad with ranch dressing on the side?  Great.  Oh, and the...

7 Course Thanksgiving With Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is the most scrumptious of all holidays,... mainly because it’s centered around simply sharing time, food, and wine with friends and giving thanks. No fireworks show, eggs or bunnies. No jolly fat man in a red suit. No haunted houses. No roses or boxes of...

A Rosé by any other name

If you drink wine in public, and let’s be serious, everyone should, then you have probably seen the increase in wine glasses being filled with a questionable light pinkish liquid lately. Wait! That’s not red wine. Wait! That’s not white wine. What is it? Must be white...

Denver Food Photography

Check out the images from our latest food photography shoot for Front Forty Foods, a revolutionary new concept coming soon to Denver. Then, click here to see some proper food pornography and the rest of our food and wine photography...

How To Wine and Cheese

The best way to demonstrate the beauty of wine and cheese is to invite some friends and throw a wine-and-cheese tasting. Now, most people do this all backwards. They read about mixing cheeses from cows, sheep and goats and adding a selection that ranges from soft to hard, new world to old and fresh to aged.

The Best Food and Wine – French Wine Country Lunch

A few years ago, I turned a corner and started planning my meals around what food would go with whatever wine I wanted to drink. It was weird and kind of an interesting change. Most people operate the other way. I’d guess most every restaurant does it the other way,...

The Latest – Just Keep Moving

Stories, logs, and blogs on moving on from a life of work and routine.

Minimalists’ guide to collecting wine

Minimalists’ guide to collecting wine

Sorry, but for a post about minimalism, this is going to be surprisingly long… I’ve been working on this minimalism thing for a while now. You know, simplify – own less and make sure your possessions don’t own you? It seemed easy and exciting at first, and has been a...

My new theory on the popularity of pro football

I have a new theory about professional football. I think the popularity of NFL football is now being completely supported by the gambling trends of weekly and yearly Fantasy Football leagues. It's a new theory, and I'm just developing it now, but it feel right....

The Latest – Food & Wine

Paris Café Culture

Paris Café Culture

A not-so wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around for a while, you could miss it.” Nowhere is that advice more needed than here in America. Nowhere is that advice more honored than in Paris. Originally posted on

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Finally a real wine rating system

Finally a real wine rating system

The thing I hate most about wine ratings is the thing that makes them what they are. Wine ratings are subjective. They are one person’s judgement of quality and don’t take into account what really matters – how much you drink, what you can afford, when to drink them,...

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